About Me

Hi and a warm welcome to my blog. I am in my forties and have a lovely family with two boys and a little girl. My wife is delightful and has been with me now on an incredible journey for the past 25 years.

We met in Ireland when I was only just twenty and on a business trip for my fathers business which is in Gold. I was on a buying trip and she was working in the goldsmiths I had come to visit. We got on instantly and she offered to show me around the city and I was hooked. We kept in touch over the next two years visiting each other as much as possible and then she eventually agreed to marry me and move to England.

The past decade

Ten years ago I took over the family business and we have grown the business together over this time until today. We have been fortunate with the rising price of gold and credit crunch to be involved in a business that has actually increased over these tough times and this was made easier for us with the big gold companies advertising to buy old gold jewellery.

The business is now quite large and we employ quite a few staff to cover the ten shops we have across the Birmingham area. We run around quite a bit visiting them but are trying to take more of a back seat now and let the management team we have developed take on more responsibility so we can enjoy life a bit.

Getting away

We bought our first holiday home three years ago and so we like to go out for a bit of sun whenever time allows. Having the team in place means we can have a long summer break which is nice and almost makes up for the very long hours we have had to work to get where we are today.

I hope you enjoy reading on and do come back soon.

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