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Fire Risk Assessment in Cardiff shop

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We have three shops and were recently inspected by a fire officer, he pointed out we needed a fire risk assessment Cardiff was the first of three needed. We had not realised we were at risk of some big fines for not having some things in place at all three of our shops and it was a bit of a shock to learn just how far short we fell from compliance.

Dads a dinosaur when it comes to things like this

Its no excuse but Dad’s always been a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to things like this. For years I have been trying to bring all this stuff up top date but like many other don’t really know all the legislation around things like fire safety.

It was a bit of bad luck that has highlighted some issues as we had a fire next door to our shop in Cardiff and the fire officer had popped in to check our building. A chance call led to a fairly long list of things we had not being doing and that needed to be done. He was a decent c hap to be fair and has given us some time to get it all done and we are already onto that via a company I was recommended to.

We met the team at Twenty 4 Fire and security the same week after a friend recommended them as a good company to work with. The quote was good and they allowed us to spread the cost over a twelve month so that has really helped ease the pain of the total bill. They have also signed us up to a regular plan so they can take care of all this stuff for us across all three shops and allow me to get on with more pressing matters. Its a real weight off my mind and I am now able to focus on the million other things I need to get done.

Fire Risk assessment is completed in Cardiff and Bristol

We are now two down and one to go on the works needed. Although Cardiff was the only one checked we have plans in place to get all three compliant by next month and have the plans in place to have no issues should we ever get another visit.

Having this done for us and splitting the cost to a manageable monthly sum is also a bonus it certainly gives me less to worry about and allows me more time to get on with other stuff. The real icing on the cake was Dad’s seal of approval  I think our little visit even shocked him!

If you have a business no matter what type I would urge you to get your own house in order and get someone in to help with you fire safety obligations. It does not cost the earth but could end up saving you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. Our fire risk assessment Cardiff store cost less then £200 and was an investment we certainly do not regret.