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Getting engraved plaques done for the doors

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We went for engraved door plaques
I have been tasked with organising the new engraved plaques for the doors of our offices. with so many changes in staff and positions within the company it is long overdue as many of the offices have the wrong name on the door with some even up with staff members that have left the business to go elsewhere.

My boss approached me about getting this organised a few weeks ago and asked me to get straight onto it as we have some important visitors coming to the office and he wanted to create the right first impression for when they arrived. With so many important people coming the list of to do’s was growing so I got a company to come in to meet us and show what we could have in the timescales I had to get everything done.

Company showed us a range of engraved plaques to choose from

The company I got in brought lots of samples and images of past works and after taking a long list of names we agreed on slate as the material we wanted to use for them. As well as door plaques we wants directionals and the areas signposted around the place.
They came back with the quote on the same day and as time was short we ordered from them straight away to give them the time to get the engraving done and also come in to do all the fitting. The fitting date was arranged for three days before the visitors were due to arrive and on the day everything was going swimmingly until they unwrapped one of the signs and found a hairline crack in it. They called the workshop and ordered a replacement and although I was sceptical about them getting it done in time they came back the following day with the new one and got it done.

The engraved plaques looked amazing

With only a day to spare the job was completed and I have to say they look great. As well as really lifting the place they look so professional and the fitting we have chosen mean changing them in future should be far easier than the ones they replaced. Everyone at the office was very impressed and my boss was over the moon with the results.
The visitors came and that went well too I am sure they were impressed with us and hopefully my little part in that would have helped create the right first impression with them.
Now that the internal signs have been done I have been asked to look at some of the more tatty ones outside too. I have asked the guys that did our internal engraved plaques to come back next week so we can look at the brief for the outside ones we are looking to replace.